Scientist humor

Wait a second here, science can be fun?

Visual (pictures) learners…

    I love Nedroid. Join Beartato on a journey through the Solar System.
    Beartato’s Science Nugget: The planet Mercury.
    And now Beartato takes us to Venus.
    What planet is next? Hint: you live on said planet.
    Off to Mars. Bonus points if you write a chemical formula for iron oxide.
    After Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars comes… the asteroid belt.
    The gas giant Jupiter.
    Reginald “teaches” the constellations. Bonus points if you realized none is a legitimate constellation.
    Another gas giant, Saturn.
    The planet with the best name: Uranus.
    Next is Neptune.
    No longer a planet, the small Pluto.

Visual (words) learners…

    Read Olivia Judson’s NY Times science blog, which centers around her biology expertise and touches on policy.

    Rockstars pair with scientists in an effort to accelerate research. Nominate your favorite scientist at Rockstars of Science.

Auditory learners…

My favorite chemistry puns…

    Why did the bear dissolve in water? Because he was polar!
    Polar?: Water is polar, which means that it has a positively charged portion (hydrogen) and a negatively charged portion (oxygen). Think of water molecules like magnets–when they are close together they can either be attracted to or repelled from each other.

    What do you do with a dead male chemist? Barium!
    Barium?: Who remembers their Periodic Table of Elements? Barium is in the second column on the Periodic Table.

    Why do chemistry professors like to teach their students about ammonia? Because it’s basic!
    Basic?: Ammonia is a nitrogen atom surrounded by hydrogen atoms. It is a base. People clean their houses with it.



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